Copy Samurai

The Samurai

b. 1986, HK.


About Me


The true name of the samurai is Braylond Howard

As a writer: storyteller, world-builder, and change agent; he aims to foster growth in people, inspire action for social good, and ultimately, save a world.

Outside of his writings, Braylond hones his skill in various disciplines. An avid reader, dancer, gamer, and illustrator; he reaches multiple worlds--bridging multiple communities. 

Within an agency, he seeks five values in its culture:

  1. Mentorship to guide him down the path of a writer.

  2. Learning to cultivate his knowledge of the world, its cultures, and its trends.

  3. Community-building to create an agency family invested in the work and each other.

  4. Service to experience the realities of the people we aspire to speak to, and for.

  5. Initiative to be the change he wants to see in his agency home.

Some will see Braylond a hero, others, a villain; but remember, he is simply a Defender of people.