Copy Samurai

Verizon Fios

 Stay Connected Campaign

One Club Creative Bootcamp - 2nd Place

Reframe how and what people think about internet connection by demonstrating the value Fios Gigabit Internet Connection can have on their home and their lives



Walking through Times Square, the digital screens black out. A lone buffering sign appears on the screen. Grabbing your phone: you start your camera to record the this rare circumstance. Instead, your camera redirects to a  website with a commercial - but everyone else’s commercials are different from yours. You screen record it and share it on social.  


Its been a week since the black out in Times Square. The stunt has ran its course. No one’s talking about Fios anymore.

You’re on your way to the bus stop heading for work. Upon arrival, you notice an ad that seems... blurry. You wipe your eyes, questioning if your sight’s going - but no, the ad’s just blurry. Now your curious. You get closer and notice an opaque “Scan Me”. You activate your smartphone’s camera and focus it on the ad. Like in Times Square, you’re redirected to a microsite with a commercial about a family that struggles with bad internet.


After a week of viewing multiple stories about the struggles of poor internet, New Yorkers will see Fios banner ads on the websites that need connection the most: content sites. Sites focused on news, gaming, or streaming will display the banner ads to help viewers recall the reason why they need better internet connection. Slow loading, lagging games, and buffering videos are the annoyances we want out of our lives.