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Celebrate Expression

Celebrate Expression Campaign 

Kicking off the Marcus Graham Project at Wieden+Kennedy for a week, we were briefed by Coke. The ask?

Make Coke Cool Again to Generation Z and young Millennials.

This is how we did it.


Speaking to health conscious generations, we knew they wouldn’t buy soda. So, we did the next best thing possible—we made Coke a collectible.


Activating a Coke can customizing site, we transform Coca-cola beyond being a drink. Opening its design to the people, we create art work, promo material, mediums for messages, and so much more.


What defines a culture? Classics do.

Why? They’re soulful expressions of real people—ones we relate to.

 How do Classics define culture? They evolve it: Reinterpreting ideas, Revitalizing looks and sounds, Amplifying messages across time; Transcending voices, ideas, and stories from personal values to timeless, resounding cultural testimonies.

 Think Art: Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Ming Dynasty; Despite their era of origin, they’re still collected. Still craved to be seen by the masses from far and wide. Still influencing new generations of artists and creativity.

 Think Music: No matter its age, it’s kept replay value. Continuing to be loved by the old and young With meaning beyond generations in its messages. Like when my mama plays oldies on Sunday, I know it’s cleaning day.

 Think Air Jordans: They didn’t die, they slept. Gaining momentum to be produced again. Creating demand to be brought back. And returning with a storm.

 So, in a generation that prizes creativity and individuality, how does a classic like Coke define culture?

Like Art, like Music, like Jordans: You Celebrate Expression.